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Free adult male modeling profile portfolio models wanted available.

Follow these instruction to improve your chances of being hired.
1- Send at least 5 quality nude photos
2- Send a 2-5 minute show off jerk off video. Producers want to see you in action show them what you have to offer.
3- Give a good description of what your into and what your willing to do. Be as open minded as possible and you will have more opportunities available to you.

Name-Schuyler P
Penis-6 inches
Location- Bucksport, Maine
Sexual Orientation-Straight/G4P
Experience- I am not gay but I’m willing to be open minded and professional in order to get work. I’m fine going solo and masturbating, having sex whatever with girls. However I’ll try to work with you guys with men for pay. I’m not shy with my body, and I’m comfortable being naked.
If you would like to hire him please fill out the booking form with your details.
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